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The highest in Iceland


The climb starts at 100 m above sea level at the Sandfell parking lot. The summit is 2110m, making it a long day in the mountains. The climb begins on a hiking path but at 1100m we reach the glacier and rope up. 

As a rope team we travel up the snow covered glacier to the caldera rim at 1850m. We are now standing on the rim of Öræfajökull, the largest volcano in Iceland. We carry on until we reach the base of the summit, here we put on crampons for the final push to the top. The slope can reach a 30° angle but the climb is never technical. We now stand on the summit of Iceland, Hvannadalshnúkur and on a good day, the views are simply breathtaking.

Availability: 1st of April - 1st of July

Duration: 12-15 hours

Length: 25km round trip

Elevation gain: 2000 metres

Difficulty: Difficult

Age limit: 16

Min group size: 2
Max group size: 6

Price: Depends on group size

What is included

A certified mountain guide

All necessary glacier gear:

rope, crampons, ice axe,

harness, snowshoes(if needed)

What is not included

Hiking boots

Outdoor clothing (see equipment list!)

Transport (the hike starts 10 minutes away from Skaftafell)

Food for the trip

Useful information

Iceland can have pretty unstable weather, so having one backup day in your travel plan is recommended.

There will be a meeting with your guide the day before.

Choosing accommodation close to the mountain is highly recommended.

To book, send me an email at

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