Premium Glacier Hike

Vatnajökull ice cap has many outlets coming down South-East Iceland but few of them are regularly hiked on. On this glacier hike we will visit one of the lesser known glaciers, where very few people are around. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful ones with massive ridges and deep crevasses. Grab the opportunity and explore this secluded glacier off the beaten path!

The parking lot is 8 kilometres from Road #1, a gravel road maintained by the national park. The approach walk from the parking lot takes about 30 minutes. In front of the glacier we will put on our crampons, harness and grab our ice axe to explore this magnificent piece of ice. This tour is for the adventurous and is not rated easy, it is not super difficult either, but a reasonable fitness is required. Prior glacier experience is not required.

Availability: April 1st - October 31st

Duration: 4-5 hours. Longer if we feel like it.

Length: 4-5 km round trip, 100-200m elevation gain.

Difficulty: Moderate, a reasonable fitness is required.

Price: 15.900 ISK per person 


Maximum 6 people in the group!                                                     

      What's included?

  • AIMG certified glacier guide

  • All necessary glacier gear:

  • Crampons, ice axe, harness

      What's not included?

  • Transport to the glacier

  • Hiking boots

  • Outdoor clothing(raingear)

  • Food for the day


Why pay 15.900 when I can pay less for a glacier walk in Skaftafell?

The cheap glacier walks in Skaftafell are in groups of 14-16 and spend a limited time on the ice. The companies in Skaftafell all go to the same glacier, so on a busy summer day it can get quite crowded. The glacier I will take you, is off the beaten path and quiet. We will also take our time on the ice, making sure that all expectations are met.

To book, send email to:

Phone: +354 869 0979

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